The living traditions

This superb rural heritage comes from this relationship between a very demanding country, the only means of living, and the inhabitants who, by their solidarity and initiatives, got what they needed. Thanks to the

inhabitants dressed in their traditional costumes, each

year during the village's celebration Day, the old

customs come alive again with the parade.


Typical architecture

Besides its Roman Church dedicated to Saint-Jean-Baptiste and which is registered with the French Historic National Monuments, Mallefougasse and its castle which goes back to the XVIth century, represents a perfect achitectural specimen with its houses made of stone, its narrow streets crossed by lanes and its passageways. You just have to look at Mallefougasse to notice how much this village is still the same as it was 100 years ago. We see there the whole wealth and beauty of this traditional farming landscape, made of harmonious alternations between a village of stones, cultivated fields, a non plowable space reserved in the past to the pastoral course, and a forest disappearing in the arid summits of the mountain of Lure