In the foothills of the Montagne de Lure 

Bathed in daytime by the beautiful sun of Provence and covered at night by a very pure sky, Mallefougasse enjoys the temperate climat of the Montagne de Lure's South slope. From the coutryside around the village, Lure moutain offers the opportunity for trekking.

A village born in the Middle Age

The native land of Mallefougasse has its origin in the heart of the Medieval history of Provence. During the Middle Age, the native land of Mallefougasse remained linked to the diocese of Sisteron (the largest city in the vicinity) whose bishops, spiritual lords of this town, one after another, used to take the oath of "hommage lige" (total fidelity) to the lords : the "comtes de Provence". In return, they could keep the fief of Consonoves (formerly "bosc croumpat" which means “wood bought” in old French) and it became the territory of Mallefougasse during the XVIIIth Century

In the heart of rural life

Mallefougasse has always found its identity in the heart of its rural life. As a matter of fact, the whole history of the former generations of inhabitants has shown their constant willingness to take advantage, the best they could, of the precious and short supplied resources of a both generous and hostile nature. Here women and men, despite few means of existence, faced the hard demands of the country and its yearly calendar. Whatever their occupation: peasant, forester, charcoal- burner or craftsman, is was the soil, the stones, the forest, the spring, the water tank, the sun, the moon, the rain, the drought, the cold, the heat, the domestic animals and their predators which gave the rythm to their daily life.